High director Ford will leave after ‘inappropriate behavior’

f1ab1b83dc9a237925863244fa3dcad6 - High director Ford will leave after ‘inappropriate behavior’

When the American car manufacturer Ford is a senior director immediately left due to allegations of ‘inappropriate behaviour’.

It goes to Raj Nair, who was head of the activities of Ford in North America. Internal investigation pointed that out, and not in keeping with the accepted standards of conduct in the Ford.

“We made this decision after a thorough assessment,” said Ford executive chairman Jim Hackett about the departure of Nair. What Nair has exactly done, was not brought out. Hackett also said that Ford is ” a safe and respectful culture’ advocates and that he expected that the directors of the company who also values sustaining.

The 53-year-old Nair expressed ‘sincere regret’ that, in situations where he is not the conduct has shown that had been.

Nair was only since June at the head of the major North American branch. Previously, he held various other management positions with Ford.

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