Heirs Prince fear: there remains, however, what is about?

0bf3935d8c5cb5fabbc21bb7d152e4f0 - Heirs Prince fear: there remains, however, what is about?

Prince has a huge estate and that will cost tons to maintain. The heirs of the muzieklegende fear with empty hands to remain behind.


Astonished was the family, ” says a source to TMZ, when she learned how much money it took for the estate of a Prince to manage. It may be $ 250 million worth, a beautiful inheritance to divide, the costs of up to 600,000 dollars… and that is not per year but per month.

Comerica Bank, that the estate manages, earns a nice pocket money of 125,000 dollars per month. Add to this the cost incurred by the bank hired law firm is counting for the defense in the case of the label of the Prince against the label by Jay Z, Roc Nation, and for the oversight of the finance and advice in tax matters: 440,000 in dollars per month.

No wonder that the heirs fear that there is nothing of its power to them is left, if the money is there with tons of exits. Or they can do something about that? They’ll have the six hundred page document with invoices going through that Comerica synthesized to justify the expense.

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