‘Heirs Prince concerned about size legacy’

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The heirs of Prince would worry that there is nothing left of the inheritance. All this money would be issued to the possessions of the 2016 death singer to maintain.

The curators of this property maintenance would be up to 600,000 dollars per month to spend, report sources at TMZ. The heirs are therefore sure that they have nothing to inherit.

To documents in the hands of his cases of the entertainmentsite shows that the financial service company that performs maintenance monthly about 125.000 dollar for their services. Also the advocatenfirma that the legal issues around Prince’s legacy controls, receives monthly a considerable amount of money.

203 million

The possessions of the Prince would be about $ 250 million worth, more than 203 million euros.

Previously thought 45 persons entitled to a share of the inheritance. The singer left no will and testament. In may of 2017 be the right six people to as official heirs of the deceased artist.

Prince was in the morning of 21 april 2016 has been found dead in an elevator in his estate Paisley Park. According to the people from his direct environment, he had the day after an appointment with a doctor because of his addiction to painkillers.

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