Half USB chargers are unsafe

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Brussels – USB chargers, often used as an inexpensive alternative to your original telefoonkabeltje, behave very often do not.

Watch out with cheap no-brand phone chargers

At the half, the chances are that you will get a shock, or even fire. That concludes the Belgian Consumers ‘ association Test-achats.

They bought 51 chargers and put it on the test bench. “The largest number of unsafe chargers we found in the Apple category: about four in five of the cheap chargers appeared not to be in order,” says Simon November, Test-aankoop in het Nieuwsblad.

“But also at the universal chargers did 40 percent do not meet the safety standards. In the Samsung category was that still one in four.”

The (unbranded) copies to the ten euro virtues the least: 17 of the 26 were life-threatening.

The CE logo on the chargers, says, incidentally, nothing. “In addition run the shops, whether or not through the false reviews, or misleading claims, the consumer has a rad for the eyes,” according to Test-achats.

So you avoid problems:

– Charge your devices during the day only, then you notice the if the charger does

– Make sure that you charge on a fireproof surface and cover it unit never finished

– Unplug after use, unplug the power cord from the wall outlet

– Regularly check the cable and the housing of the charger and replace, if necessary

– Purchase, preferably with an original charger of the official brand or choose a universal charger from more famous brands

– The offer online is, certainly in the cheaper range, are not very reliable

– You can buy charger, preferably in a physical store: the chance of that counterfeit offer is small and when problems occur, do you know where you place

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