Georgia: “Who is the Mole?, thank you!’

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The embassy of Georgia in The Hague organizes on march 19th a reception to the Netherlands to thank. The gratitude goes in particular to the makers of Wie is de Mol?.

Art Rooijakkers presents Who is the Mole? 2018

This season, play the popular tv show is largely set in the Eastern European country. Due to the focus is the land, according to the embassy very positive in the news.

“The eighteenth season of WIDM, that on the Georgian territory has been shot, has led to a colossal increase in the number of booked tours to Georgia by the Dutch. We are the WIDM crew also very thankful that our beautiful country and our hidden beauty in the picture have brought”, as is read in a statement from the embassy.

The reception will be municipal officials from the Georgian capital Tbilisi and the people of the national office for tourism.

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