Garry Hagger’s Jukebox is filled

The most beautiful voice of Flanders grabs this year big with his new project Garry Hagger’s Jukebox. The singer stops all of his favorite evergreens from the ’60s and ’70s in a new and up to date Dutch jacket. All of the songs that he was as a young boy sang along with the jukebox. Music of now, but with a nostalgic nod. 10 legendary songs from the greatest artists were re-recorded and translated to English. The trademark of this real artist, because in 1996 he scored a monsterhit with ‘The most Beautiful’ a translation of ‘This Is The Moment”. Specially for this album took Garry Hagger a new version of this now Flemish classic. And not without success! Garry Hagger scored currently with two singles from this ‘Jukebox’album on the biggest radio of the country, because Radio 2 plays in dagrotatie both ‘High’ as ‘The most Beautiful’! A rather exceptional given that there are two tracks from a new album at the same time on radio to be played!

But there is more! The fantastic ‘Jukebox’-music from the brand new album will soon also be seen and heard in a TV special, and there is also a tour in Flanders.
At the end of last year, Garry Hagger a ‘Jukebox’concert in theater Elckerlyc to Antwerp. This unique concert was which is capped and from march 2018 will be a music channel MENT this concert several times as a TV special integral broadcasting.

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