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Freshman most streamed NPO program

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Not the News, but youth series, the Curriculum is again the most streamed NPO program. The numbers of Adobe Analytics, which the broadcaster announced, it appears that the number of streamstarts the past two years has been doubled.

In 2015, 9 million videos of middle school started, in 2017, that rose to 18.1 million. The series about brugklasperikelen in high school, that the Journal behind with 17.6 million streamstarts, and even stays far away for The World Turns By 7.4 million streamstarts. This is the third year that Freshman is at the top as the most streamed programme of the NPO.


According Avrotros is the series of online embraced. On Instagram took a Freshman last week the milestone of 100,000 subscribers, and the program has on Instagram now 223.000 followers. Is number 1 in the list of Dutch Instagrampagina pages in the category media and tv-programs. In 2017 won the youth programme, the Golden Penny.


Freshman is the first scripted-reality youth series in the Netherlands, a genre in which realistic events are acted out by the characters with commentary. A fixed group of first graders is followed during the first year of high school, where she is recognizable brugklasproblemen encounter.

Good Times, Bad Times

The players usually have no drama, has already won the series but the beginning of the acting career of a number of actors. So is Britt Scholte now to see if Kimberly Sanders in Good times, Bad Times , and plays Knight of Kooten the new resident Loki in New times.

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