Frank Raes fit for the world cup

a88e50e730daac1e092dcdc0522481bf - Frank Raes fit for the world cup

On the world cup final in Russia, we will have to do without his meanwhile legendary ” Binneu!’ and ‘Ow-ow-ow!’. Frank Raes will give his commentaarstoel by colleague and “good size” Filip Joos. “This we have in 2015 agreed,” says Raes. “I, the EK, Filip the world cup.” Know The Latest News. Filip Joos (44) acts on this summer so far to the select group of commentators that the final of the biggest voetbalfeest in the world can beat. Joos follows Raes, that the comments provided at the finals in the USA (’94), and France (’98), South Africa (’10) and Brazil (’14). In 2002, if Stef Wijnants in Japan and South Korea in the final defeat. Four years later, the sins VT4 and Kanaal2 the world cup, and Carlo Wilmots in Germany, a commentator for the final.

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