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Ferrari wants with the SF71-H finally re-F1-champion

b4b32a3fdcb9b0aa244df001bf758373 - Ferrari wants with the SF71-H finally re-F1-champion

After earlier today a competitor of Mercedes its new F1 car, suggested also has Ferrari today in Maranello her new car suggested.

The name of the new Ferrari F1-racing car was in contrast to that of Mercedes, to the presentation of a large secret. During the presentation, which was attended by a few exclusive invited Ferrari-fans, was the SF71-H proposed and was also the engine noise of the new F1 car, to hear.

The rijdersduo at Ferrari is not unknown. As in past years, the German Sebastian Vettel and the Fin Kimi were times in the rijdersduo at the Scuderia. Were times in the last F1 pilot that ever became world champion with Ferrari, in 2007, to be exact.

Indeed, it is already more than ten years ago that Ferrari once again world champion managed to be both the riders and the manufacturers, and the new F1 car should change that.

Last season, knew Ferrari closing the gap with Mercedes seriously reduce. During the first races of the season was Ferrari more than the equivalent of the Mercedes, but after the summer break followed a few disappointing races for the Scuderia and Sebastian Vettel.

A few disappointing results, caused by technical problems and a startcrash, ensured that Ferrari and Vettel out of the titelrace were beaten. Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton could be at the end of the season without a lot of problems in the direction of the world title could drive away.

With the SF71-H wants Ferrari more fit Mercedes. The new car should, with a new chassis and much-improved Ferrari engine, Sebastian Vettel to fight for the world title. The expectations are already high for Ferrari, wait and see whether Ferrari, the high expectations of the Tifosi actually can redeem.


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