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“F1 should not be in a Mickey Mouse-series change”

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Willi Weber, the former manager of Michael Schumacher, is very critical about what Liberty Media, the new American owner of the Formula 1, the sport is doing.

Liberty Media is of American origin and it takes to own various initiatives to make the sport more attractive. So there were various initiatives undertaken to make the sport closer to the fans, but there are also already some measures have been taken for a lot of discussions ensure.

So was Halo introduced and were the grid girls shall be deleted. In addition, it was also the starting time of the races shifted from 14h to 15u10, this is to mainly the Us market and the tv stations and advertisers to please. According to Willi Weber have Liberty Media’s attention what it does to the Formula 1.

“Halo ruined the cars,” said Willi Weber, as opposed to ‘Kolner Express’. “Safety is important, but the decision of Halo to enter was really a fault of FIA president Jean Todt.”

“That there is no grid girls more, is also incomprehensible. They provided the necessary glamour in the sport.”

Weber is also hard for Liberty Media and the way in which the Formula 1 rules.

“The new owners should be careful that they are of the Formula 1 is not a Mickey Mouse series.”

Weber may, in addition to his fierce criticism even back on the sour relationship he has with the family of Michael Schumacher. Weber was for many years the manager of the German recordkampioen. He plucked Schumacher himself at the time of the juniorklassen of the racing, and had many successful years with the German. Now is the relationship between Weber and Schumacher and his family, however, seriously declined.

“Unfortunately, I have not heard from Corinna,” referring Weber to the fact that he wasn’t about Michael Schumacher and his condition, learns from his wife. “Michael is accident in the meantime vie rjaar ago and we all know that it’s not just a broken leg.”

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