Extreme cold in the Alps: wind chill -30

2131941228eacbd0a8d8d68b9eb0fa33 - Extreme cold in the Alps: wind chill -30

THE HAGUE – Skiers who visit the Alps are going to have accounts with extreme cold on their skiing holiday. For example, in some places 20 degrees freezing temperatures, whereby the temperature rises to minus 30, as a result of a cold air flow from Siberia.

Archive photo from the Alps.

“Take, for example Val Thorens in France, where many Dutch go to. It is a Tuesday maximum of minus 17 and a maximum of minus 21. The wind-chill factor can then in the direction of minus 30,” says a spokesperson of Weeronline. According to him, extra precautions for this kind of extreme weather is needed. “At such low temperatures, you must be really special clothes to wear, otherwise like you it will not be long vol on the track.”

The combination of après-ski with the ’Russian bear’ is totally a dangerous, warns the Red Cross. “By the drinking of alcohol is hypothermia more quickly on the alert, because the blood vessels dilate.” In such a situation, extra thick dress up thus, giving the organization.

Who this weekend, the car picks up towards winter, it would be extra precautions to take because of filegevaar, reports the relief organization. “Winter sports enthusiasts with the car on the road, would do well to sufficient food, drink and blankets in the car to take with you”, advises the organisation.

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