EU-court tap Poland on fingers about dirty air

9479da12a8b8be5c1a5914b53e9bda9c - EU-court tap Poland on fingers about dirty air

LUXEMBOURG – The air quality in Poland does not fulfil the European requirements. The country lives the laws for the permissible concentrations of particulate matter and exceeds repeatedly the thresholds of particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide, the European Court of Justice.

Poland was at the end of 2015 by the European Commission for the EU court of justice sued because the country’s EU-legislation according to her, his boot lapt. Since 2008 is a directive force to the air pollution in the 28 member states to combat. Daily and yearly basis may be harmful substances in the air is not above a certain maximum.

Between 2007 and 2015, the limits for fine dust in 35 of the 46 areas in which the quality of air in Poland is measured, however, exceeded. In nine of those areas, that happened also with the annual limit.

As soon as possible act

Poland should as soon as possible to act on the EU rules to comply and the air quality to improve. If the government remains in default, it’s a fine above the head.

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