Elections and money on a central European summit

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BRUSSELS – How come the European Parliament and the EU budget for the period 2021-2027 to look after the European elections of may next year? And how it is determined who the next president of the European Commission? The government of the member states examine here Friday over at an informal summit in Brussels without the British prime minister.

27 to discuss, inter alia, the composition of the European Parliament after the departure of the British from the EU. Then expire the 73 seats of the British members. Parliament itself wants to 46 blank and the rest distributed across countries which, due to their population share entitled to more delegates. The netherlands there would be three seats. If the prime minister Rutte is, they remain all 73 empty. For the parlementsvoorstel is, however, broad support.

Than is the question of how the new president of the European Commission is chosen. The EU parliament insists that it is a so-called spitzenkandidaat, the candidate of the political group with the most votes collected. Many member states, including the Netherlands, are against this. They want to have the right to a candidate to push forward.

Long-term budget

On the multiannual budget, in which the Brexit a hole of around 12 billion euro per year saves, as yet, exploratory voice. Among others, the Netherlands has the trenches all concerned to say that which does not show up, but other member states are willing to pay more, for example, to the boundaries to better protect. The netherlands wants more to spend, but then there must be other issues such as farming and poorer regions is cut.

A large group of member states wants that the allocation of funds is made dependent on, for example, the inclusion of asylum seekers or the compliance of the rechtsstaatprincipes. Countries like Poland are against it. Agreement on the budget will be a challenge.


The Belgian prime minister, Charles Michel organizes Thursday evening a dinner with twelve other EU leaders, including prime minister Rutte, in an attempt to follow the same direction.

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