Elderly people want to try something different and get paaldansshow

DORSET – A nursing home in the Uk, Dorset has the residents will be treated to an extensive paaldansshow in the common room.

About thirty pensioners, both men and women, had asked for ’what else’. They had to get fed up with gardening and all workshops from time to time. A paaldansshow seemed to them however what.

The management had no problem with it. There was a pole installed in the room, after which the young women in hot pants and bikinis and show weggaven. The music of Abba and the film Singing in the Rain (1952) came from the speakers.

“Our dancers performed not earlier, for people of that age,” says the owner of the paaldansschool to the Daily Mail. “We get a lot of criticism, but poledancing is a sport. And we have a show given that was suitable for a nursing home.”

The show was a success; the paaldanseressen may soon come back.

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