Ed Sheeran with the story behind the RING

f6741029abd92ed5f5f8cbeaf81443c1 - Ed Sheeran with the story behind the RING

The rumors were yesterday, not of the air after Ed Sheeran with a ring around his left ring finger on the red carpet appeared. Would that the two were secretly married? Ed gives clarification of issues.

Cherry Seaborn and Ed Sheeran skipten the afterparty for a romantic dinner

The 27-year-old Grammywinnaar had it lol, that all the fans speculated about a possible secret marriage between him and his verlofode Cherry Seaborn. No, he said in the British talk show Lorraine, none to speak of. It was only a symbol of his betrothal. “I have never understood why men do not have engagement rings to wear. They give the same commitment.”

Now it was his engagement ring to him on a silver platter handed to them. “Cherry has him for me made of silverclay. I find him really crazy.” He has him the whole evening, not dismissed; not during his performance of Supermarket Flowers, and not when he out slipped on the afterparty for a relaxing dinner with his future bride.

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