Dog food is a sensitive issue for South Koreans

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PYEONGCHANG – The eating of dog meat in South Korea topic of a generational conflict. The young people return en masse from its traditional use among the elderly is still in vogue. The South Korean authorities are very aware of the controversial side of the matter and have the catering in the distant perimeter of Pyeongchang evoked during the winter Olympics no hondgerechten on the map. This report, several local entrepreneurs.

Skater Jan Blokhuijsen argued earlier this week during an international press conference for a better treatment of dogs in South Korea. The call was picked up by local media that offended suggested that Blokhuijsen the local culture does not respect.

The skater hurried then to make excuses. “It was not my intention to make the South Koreans and their country to offend,” said the member of the bronze mannenteam on the ploegachtervolging.

The dog meat was already on the Play a item, when tv-maker Filemon Wesselink in a by RTL Boulevard broadcast video with skater Kai Verbij announced a roll dog meat to eat. It appeared to him in a storm of criticism and Wesselink the diamond dash again withdrew.

Skinned alive

According to the dierbeschermingsorganisatie Animals Today is the slaughter of dogs in South Korea accompanied with ’unimaginable atrocities’. There zoudenjaarlijks 2.5 million are slaughtered in South Korea. “The idea that the meat better taste as cats and dogs are first tortured. They are beaten, alive in boiling water is thrown, skinned alive, with a gas burner in the fire put, or the legs chopped off”, as outlines Animals Today.

Dogs as pets are a rare phenomenon in South Korea. Fans can go to pet stores where puppies in cramped cubicles in the window sit.

Jan Blokhuijsen in Pyeongchang for the commotion ensured with a note about dog meat. During an international press conference showed the skater from about the eating of dog meat in South Korea.

“Treat dogs please better in this country”, reported the Korea Times on out of his mouth after the final day on the chase.

Sensitive topic

The eating of dog meat is a sensitive subject in the host country of the Olympic Games. Many young Koreans car are no longer there. Many compatriots consider dog meat is still considered a delicacy.

Blokhuijsen offered a day later sincere apologies. “It was not my intention to make the South Koreans and their country to insult

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