Course Snapchat plummets after tweet Kylie Jenner

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The shares in Snapchat on Thursday a steep fall in the American stock market. The share price fell by more than 6 percent. Us media speculate that this is due to a tweet from Kylie Jenner in which she tells them that she is finished with the popular app.

“Open someone else Snapchat ever? Or do only I don’t…”, tweeted Kylie Wednesday. It goes too far to the decline in the price in full to the realityster due but she does have a huge influence on young users. Kylie has on Twitter and Instagram together over 128,5 million followers, mostly in the target audience of Snapchat (18 to 34-year-olds).

Last week, Snapchat has already negatively in the news when the app new update is launched in which the design was changed. Many users complained that the app not easier useful and signed an online petition in which Snapchat is called to return to the original design. The petition is now already 1.2 million times signed.

Incidentally, there is still hope for Snapchat because Kylie came later in her tweet back. She still has warm feelings for the app, ” she says. “My first love”, says Kylie.

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