’Brexit unleashes Brexodus’

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LONDON – Still less EU citizens from outside the Uk settling there. There will still be more Europeans living in Britain than there are leaving, but the difference is shrinking quickly, according to British media, about a ’Brexodus’ (exodus of Europeans to speak.

In 2017 are 220.000 people from the rest of the EU in the country working or looking for work, and there are 130.000 Europeans left. The difference between the two numbers is in five years time is not so small. The number of Europeans to Britain has come was of 47,000 lower than in the twelve months before.

The number of people from the EU that Britain has had turned away, was in 2017 understand the highest since the crisis of 2008. British media that this trend continues and that the ’Brexodus’ has begun.

Immigration from outside the EU continues to rise

The media are based on the latest official figures on immigration and emigration. Which relate to the twelve months to september 2017. The immigration from outside the EU will continue in the meantime to increase. From the rest of the world came to 285.000 people to Britain and left it to 80,000. Also, there are more than 70,000 British returned, and there was the departure of 125,000 British opposite.

Generally there are in 2017, still nearly a quarter million people more in the country than there are left. This is much more than the reach of the conservative government: up to 100,000 people per year there.

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