Brendan Fraser: I am hurt

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Brendan Fraser in 2003 molested by the then president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). The incident left the actor depressed, as he reveals in an interview with GQ.

The now 49-year-old Fraser says that Philip Berk at HFPA lunch, his buttocks would feel during a hug. “His left hand reached around, grabbed my buttocks and his fingers touched my cleft, at which time he began to move around,” says the Mummy-actor. “I felt sick, a small child. I thought I was to cry would burst.”

Fraser lifted his wife directly in but did not further his mouth about his incident out of shame and fear that his career would be damaged. “I was depressed. I blamed myself and felt miserable,” said Fraser, who was still sat back allowing the eventually consequences for his career, which on the back burner. The actor says now, still a lot to be afraid of the consequences by his story.

Birch mentions the story to GQ, a “total concoction.” He remembers the time still, but he says he only by way of joke, a hand on Frasers buttocks explained.

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