Blatter: ‘world cup 2026 in Morocco

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BERN – He decided not to, but Sepp Blatter, the world cup of 2026 in Morocco.

Sepp Blatter

The suspended former chairman of the global federation FIFA is the North African country “a logical choice”, wrote the 81-year-old Swiss on Twitter. The FIFA will decide in June, shortly before the start of the world cup in Russia, where the tournament about eight years. In the world cup of 2026 may be fewer than 48 countries participating.

Morocco tried already more times the world cup, but still without success. The African country is now again a candidate. The other official bid for the world cup 2026 comes from Canada, the United States and Mexico, that the extensive tournament together to organize.

“A joint organization by the FIFA after the fifa world cup 2002 rejected”, writes Blatter. “Morocco would be a logical choice. In addition, it is time for Africa!”

The world cup was so far one time held, in 2010 in South Africa. Blatter was here at the time as FIFA president particularly proud of.

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