Bill Gates has no idea what groceries cost

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Bill Gates fell completely through the ice when Ellen DeGeneres him to a boodschappentest subdued in her talk show. The multimiljardair had to the price boards of five items from the supermarket and had really no idea what they pay for.

It was the first time that Gates was a guest on Ellen and the co-founder of Microsoft was in a good mood.

He had his 21-year-old daughter brought and told about the period that he is a man in his twenties and the youngest billionaire in the world. “It was me actually never really about the money, I found it mostly very fun to be with working on software. Also, I felt responsible for the many older workers, those families had. I was mostly hit or I could pay at the end of the month.”

Gates confessed that he twice has been in the field of luxury.

Porsch and a private jet

“I have a Porsche and a private jet bought, that was my most extravagant expenditure. Furthermore, I am always fairly conservative, remained. That plane had I needed especially because I had to travel.”

The billionaire holds in addition to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is particularly concerned with the ‘nice things’. Earlier this week it was announced that Bill made a guest appearance to play in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, in which he himself appears.

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