Army Israel investigates death of Palestine

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TEL AVIV – A Palestinian was killed by a confrontation with Israeli soldiers in the occupied West Bank. The target would be military personnel have been attacked with an iron bar during riots in Jericho, according to the army, that the incident investigating. The Palestinian Authority talked about a “cold-blooded execution”.

The Israeli army said that the armed man afstormde on soldiers, who were looking for suspects. The soldiers fired thereon in the direction of the Palestinians, who according to the army, also a knife turned out to have. The Palestinian would then be transferred to a hospital. “His death was later announced.”

Sources within the army said according to the newspaper Haaretz that the man had no gunshot wounds. He died as a result of the blows that he received from the military. Appeared on the internet, according to the newspaper a video that show how the military man, kicking and beating.

’Not full picture’

The Palestinian ministry of Information claimed that about twenty soldiers to the man, “heavy had been abused”. The Israeli army confirmed that the video incident shows that took place in Jericho, but the camera would not provide a complete picture of events.

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