Anouk back at Suikerrock

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The Suikerrock Saturday looked impressive with the announcement of Alanis Morissette and Goo Goo Dolls but now Anouk and White Lies along.

Anouk may this summer all the way loose on the Suikerrock stage. The Dutch of the earth as a poltergeist on stage and sends every few minutes a tornado Tiense cobblestones. But it can also be understated, Anouk is pure sentiment with sixteen albums in the bag and a host of hits that you all can sing along. Her songs don’t forget, just think ‘R U Kiddin’ Me’, ‘Nobody’s wife’, ‘Girl’, ‘Lost’ etc… No stage in the Benelux that they do not know, though the last couple of years, only the really big venues , and this summer, so that of Suikerrock on Saturday the 28th of July!

It is a challenge to make a lesser song from the band to discover. Of debut album ‘To lose my life’ to the recent ‘Friends’ filled each album with only songparels. ‘Farewell to the fairground’ state you definitely still for the spirit. Their biggest ‘Bigger than us’ sends even now, still waves of ‘kiekenvel’ by these parts.

White Lies lies genre-wise between the Indie and post punk, but fills the things with a completely own style, which you in any other band recognizes. The typical melancholic voice of Harry McVeigh releases the whole action and leave you for hours, what we say, days later, still not completely loose. White Lies live best an intense experience, that we were allowed to have in recent years been repeatedly affected in the AB, Lotto Arena and on Rock Werchter. This summer they are at the Suikerrock where your chills run up to the Christmas holidays still palpable!

Alanis Morissette, Anouk, White Lies and Goo Goo Dolls on Saturday, July 28, and Stan Van Samang and Gers Pardoel on Sunday 29 July: Suikerrock 2018 already looks impressive and there is still ‘much more to come’!

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