Annick Ruyts going through hell

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These are not fun times for tv, the face, Annick Ruyts. The presenter took on Thursday the word in the program of Jan Hautekiet on Radio 1. The reason for the call, the sleepless nights that Annick Ruyts for many years has to count. She, meanwhile, has just about everything done in the hope to sleep, to summarize but hitherto without success.

“After 3 years of insomnia I am strange enough to be an expert in slaaptips. Those who stay awake have the tips, they sleep, they do not need,” says Annick wal on Facebook. “I have 2 types of nights, either, I’m a few hours awake. That are the good nights. Either I’m going to 11 hours of sleep and I know at 1 am that it was nothing. These are the white nights..”

“I’ve tried everything: yoga, breathing exercises, wietolie (without THC), Valerian, the whole homeopathic range – although the pharmacist to me yesterday something new gave what I benefit from-the-not-then-harm-the-not-wise to-night have taken. Real use sleeping pills, I don’t want to take, you will be depending on. That is for emergencies, if it is really not to go. I want to fix it myself. It is the menopause, they say. Can, for sure, but I have 2 months of hormones taken and there was only thick of. You should be eating healthy food, they say. That is what I do for years and since a few months I drink almost no alcohol. In the christmas holidays I did a sleep study in the hospital. That showed that my body still sleeping, but my brain does not. That just go by as if I am. Almost no deep sleep and little REMslaap. Officially insomniapatiënt. Consequences in the long term: heart problems and very heavy loss of memory. I ought to do. The next step is mindfulness,” concludes Annick.

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