Anneke van Hooff gets off to Isabelle A

001dcc959bcdfb80bebf2e1ea987f607 - Anneke van Hooff gets off to Isabelle A

Wednesday, we came in first with the news that The Girls would stop. Isabelle A had the news confirmed that the power plug from the group. End of story? Not immediately, because Anneke van Hooff feels himself to be the victim in this story. The singer and actress decided Thursday afternoon to respond to the messages that The Girls stop. “”Normally I don’t get in with this kind of discussions or messages. I can only conclude that I from one day to the other no longer was welcome. I’m really bad,” responds Mary. “I feel not only hurt the trust that I sincerely meant to have, but you must also understand that this is my hoofdjob. This makes already a few years, the largest part of my financial picture. I hope that all planned and booked jobs can continue. If not, is this just banned from their profession. I was together with Isabelle at the cradle of “the Girls”. It is also painful to determine that Isabelle just without any consultation, decided that I was not more to the group belong, and even the group opdoekt”, Anneke further. According to our information, will The Girls in the future no longer occur.

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