And there is Roel Vanderstukken again

c50c28ae4961f05512f54c3692b7c9ab - And there is Roel Vanderstukken again

When a few months ago, Roel Vanderstukken, was replaced by Govert Deploige, it was immediately clear that this is a temporary replacement would go after the open-heart surgery of Roel Vanderstukken. On Tuesday, march 6, upcoming get the viewers of Family their original Benny Coppens to see again. Roel Vanderstukken is already back on the set of Family but it will only be on Tuesday, march 6, that Roel is back on tv will be shown. And the promises immediately a hectic period to be for Benny and Alfons get in a fight. Do you want about know more, read the content for the following weeks .


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