Actress from ‘How to Get Away with Murder,” says in tv interview about rape by director

b1e1a4e9ee38a7c75d9db31faa5f0c92 - Actress from 'How to Get Away with Murder," says in tv interview about rape by director

A new day, a new disclosure about sexual misconduct in the wings of the entertainment industry. This time the 32-year-old Mexican actress Karla Souza, better known as Laurel Castillo in ABC series ‘How To Get Away With Murder’. In an interview on CNN Espanol, she forward with a shocking story about a rape by a director, that she name called, at the beginning of her career.

Souza told how the director in question is her humiliated in the eyes of others and how they in the same hotel as him had to stay while the rest of the cast elsewhere stayed. He came to her at night to look up, so to speak, to “the film to discuss”. It was during such nocturnal visits that she was raped was.

Immediately after the interview, put the largest television network in Mexico, Televisa, director and producer Gustavo Loza at the door. Or Souza to Loza was referring to in the interview is not sure, but the fact is that both of them worked together in 2010 during the filming of the series ‘Heroes of the North’ and again in 2016 for the film ‘Don’t Blame The Kid.

Loza weather-beaten himself yesterday on Twitter, where he stated that he wanted to leave accused is without basis.

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