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Aalst turn off the lopsided situation right on openingsspeeldag playoffs

e4ec6aaed973d78b441af92ebb31b00e - Aalst turn off the lopsided situation right on openingsspeeldag playoffs

Wednesday night is the EuroMillions Volley League to the second phase, gone. After the regular season were the teams on the basis of their ranking – classified into three groups. Each poulewinnaar punch directly through to the play-offs and also the best number two comes along. The other five teams will play for the last European ticket.

In a Walloon derby received Guibertin Liège Borgworm. The Luikenaren ended or just above Guibertin, in the mutual duels grabbed the Walloon-Brabanders six on six. This time there was a division of points after the four sets will be evenly divided. In the tiebreak took the home team to a comfortable lead, more out of the hands gave, which Guibertin again at the longest end drew (18-25, 26-24, 25-20, 14-25, 15-7).

Aalst went to Amigos Zoersel. That seemed to be an easy job to will be, because Zoersel hekkensluiter was after sixteen matches, but the first set was for the home team. Then recovered to the number four from the regular season and took the last three points (27-25, 19-25, 20-25, 12-25). Staszewski (23 points), Walle (22) and Oprins (22) scored the most easily reached.

Thursday is Gent-Haasrode Leuven yet on the program. The teams in the top three ended – Maaseik, Roeselare and Menen – start until Saturday in the playoffs and apply it as a favorite for the first place in their group.

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