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A sports car that is smashed in, Ed Sheeran empty-handed, a cold shower and lots of white roses: these were the Brit Awards

fdac9d724096b6604a7dddf278e91ea5 - A sports car that is smashed in, Ed Sheeran empty-handed, a cold shower and lots of white roses: these were the Brit Awards

Singer Dua Lipa and rapper Stormzy are the big winners of the Brit Awards this year. Dua Lipa took Wednesday night in London, two awards, that of best British female and best breakthrough. Stormzy was the best British artist and got the coveted prize of best British album (‘Gang Signs & Prayer’). And that meant that Ed Sheeran that price, so do not got, to the dismay of his fans.

At the international level were the prices for singer Lorde, rapper Kendrick Lamar and rock group Foo Fighters. The best British single was ‘Human’ Rag’n’Bone Man. Harry Styles made the best music video for ‘Sign of the Times.

Superstar Ed Sheeran went empty-handed. The singer received an award for his international success, but that is not a Brit Award in the strict sense, because the recipient is already pre-fixed: the price is based on international sales figures.

His fans could not understand that the album ‘Divide’ of their idol is not the best, and expressed their disappointment on Twitter. But Sheeran himself seemed not to his heart, and took with pleasure the ‘Global Success Award’ in reception.

Penalty performances

Winners Dua Lipa, Stormzy, Rag’n’Bone Man and the Foo Fighters performed during the awards ceremony at the O2 Arena in London. Spectacular was the concert of Kendrick Lamar, who rapte top of a glass box which is a luxurious sports car piece was beaten.

Notable also was the performance of Liam Gallagher, or at least the fact that he was on the Brit Awards occurred. A few days ago, the former Oasis singer, who was nominated for best male artist, still fuming in an interview with The Guardian, because he not was asked to act, but to be an award to present:

“They can go to hell if they think I’m go go go and go hit some idiot. I’m not going to say: ‘Fucking great, I have been nominated, let’s go over there, and a little fucking – what is it that people these days do networks? Go there with your fucking kostuumpje and your arm around Stormzy and Rag’n’Bone Man store, all that crap do? That I’m not, mate. I’m damn if I go to the British go”.

But he did so anyway. Because Ariana Grande at the last moment due to illness afzegde for its tribute to the victims of the attack after her concert in Manchester.

Stormzy made of its action under a stream of water – use to prime minister Theresa May is to remind us of another drama that Britain last year to process received: the fire that 71 people killed. ‘Yo, Theresa May, where is the money for Grenfell? Did you think that we Grenfell had forgotten?’ rapte he. It was by many viewers lauded as the ultimate moment of the evening, and singer Lily Allen called Stormzy ‘the champion of the people’.

Activism on the red carpet

Also on the red carpet appeared performers back to activists. Many wore white roses, to show their support to express for the Time’s Up-move, that victims of sexual abuse wants to help.

Thus begins a pattern: black dresses at the Golden Globes in early January, white roses at the Grammy Awards in late January, black dresses at the Bafta Awards a few days ago, and so now white roses. Black in the world of film, white in the music world, but in each case a statement for the same good purpose.

However, not everyone takes that there is enough work done. Paloma Faith: ‘The only thing that bothers me tonight is that not more men of white roses to wear. I think that they would have to do.”

They speldde a rose on the costume of a member of the rock band Royal Blood on the red carpet. “I find that very important. Because I think that men should support it.’

Ed Sheeran was one of the men with rose. He said that it is high time for campaigns as Me Too, and Time’s Up. “I think it would have happened. But I’m glad it’s happening now. It is nice that people are now aware of.”

Also, among others, Rag’n’Bone Man, Sam Smith and Liam Payne wore either a real rose or a badge with a drawing of it:

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