400 kilos of cocaine found in Russian embassy

97787aa2bf0c456bd7656eac8edcc243 - 400 kilos of cocaine found in Russian embassy

BUENOS AIRES – In the Russian embassy in Buenos Aires is almost 400 kilos of cocaine found. The drugsvondst was already more than a year ago, but is under the cap held in connection with the investigation. That the Argentine authorities announced on Thursday. Minister of Safety and security Patricia Bullrich told that in connection with the case, five people have been arrested, three of whom were in Russia.

By the end of 2016 discovered embassy officials in one of the buildings of the diplomatic representation 389 kilos of cocaine was hidden. The stuff was in twelve suitcases, which, as diplomatic baggage to Russia would go. The Argentine police was informed and decided in collaboration with colleagues in Russia, the cocaine was replaced by flour and the load to follow with gps devices.

Now, fourteen months later, the operation is completed. Bullrich said that in her country, a Russian officer, and an Argentine police officer held. A sixth suspect is still on the run. He resides probably in Germany.

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