Yo’s Ibiza-dream already over?

c533b766cc260af8c103042ba4b9e4aa - Yo’s Ibiza-dream already over?

Who is now on the Ibiza look you are going to take at XaXa, the exclusive restaurant of Wesley and Yolanthe Sneijder, will little glitz and glamour to find. The doors of the popular restaurant, currently because of the winter season, but according to the latest rumors on the Spanish partyeiland is the chance that it will soon be open again very small.

After XaXa in June last year in a spectacular way was officially opened, it grew quickly to become one of the hotspots of Ibiza. In particular, the Dutch tourists knew the way to Yolanthes ’droomrestaurant to find and almost every evening the couple satisfied and watch how all the chairs were occupied.

Unfortunately for the footballer – who is currently active in Qatar, and his wife, brought the success a lot of problems with it. Weekly Weekend writes that residents of the expensive apartments above the restaurant “not at all happy with their new onderburen.” So would Yolanthe there are regular theme parties organizing, which is almost every night for the noise have made.


An insider reveals to the magazine: “People were there until two in the morning partying to loud music. (…) It is of course not so strange that there’s complaints about it have come from local residents.”

Xenia Kasper, the manager of Wesley and Yolanthe, tells Wednesday to The Telegraph that there is nothing true of the story and refers to the rumors to the realm of fiction. “Nonsense. The reason that XaXa is currently closed, has only to do with the winter season. In the summer the doors will that open again.” Also says Kasper does not recognize the alleged noise nuisance.

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