“We want to do what works best’

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A real pan-European political party does not exist. Not yet. Young people take the glove on and have big ambitions with ‘Volt’.

26 years old is Andrea Venzon, and the Italian has a new political party was founded. Exciting? Anyway, for his party, and immediately pan-European and wants in different countries participating in the European …

26 years old is Andrea Venzon, and the Italian has a new political party was founded. Exciting? Anyway, for his party, and immediately pan-European and wants in different countries participate in the European elections next year. V, is called the goep ‘because we want Europe a new dynamic, so we chose this electric name, ” said Venzon in an interview with the French newspaper Libération. An additional trick: the whole of Europe knows the word Volt. Put ‘re-’ and you can feel the excitement.

Volt was born on the day that the British prime minister, Theresa May, the article 50, and the Brexit officialiseerde. André Venzon was still a apolitieke man in his twenties who as a consultant has worked (and bijstudeerde). Together with some friends he started a Facebook page has become a movement in several European countries.

The plans are grand, but we have to be honest: at this moment it is still not a lot of for. The party currently has over 5,000 fans on Facebook and 1,400 people who have a local min or more are active. Volt has groups in Italy, Romania, Spain, Poland, Greece and France. In the Netherlands too, something in the scaffolding. Three sentences ago, we called Volt ‘a party’, but that’s officially not yet. It is a movement with great political ambitions.

What are the ambitions?

V hopes that in 2019 the first European politicians to celebrate and that together an independent group to form in the parliament. And then? To grow so that in the long term Europe – long-term – America is going to seem. One country with parties in the whole country.

Not that the first step wouldn’t be hard. Volt is now unknown, has no income and lives of volunteers. So there is a lot of work. In October is the Volt really in campaign mode, now try the club is mainly to organize and raise money. 5.566 euros of the targeted 10,000 euros has already been collected, will learn the Volt website. With $ 10,000, you jump not very far in the pan-European ambitions, but it should be the first expenditure.

Back to intentions: Volt wants to take in as much as possible EU member states on the stembrief in 2019 and looking for candidates. No (ex-)professional politicians, but new faces. All connect founder Venzon the first not totally. The most important thing, and that all candidates have in common is the clear pro-European attitude of Volts. “We are not left or right, but we are progressive,” says Venzon to Libération.

What do you mean, the first European party?

In an interview with Dutch newspaper NRC Next provides Venzon today a bit more explanation in the European choice of the Volt. “The politics in Europe is national,” he says. “Even in the European Parliament, everyone is by compatriots elected. The most S companies national politics in Brussels. There is no European public space. Only a pan-European party can ensure this.’

The current European parties such as Alde (the liberals) or the EPP (CD&V), there are no pan-European parties. That are stereotypes of national parties which have in common, but especially enter into strategic alliances. In addition, no European who in the spring of 2019 votes the names Alde or EPP.

With Volt is so different. In each member state will Volt is a separate register, a separate party leader and have separate campaigns set up. But all with a common guide, a manifesto.

And this is what V wants

On the site of the party is the manifesto of Volts. There you read that the new party will find that each individual has the right to his or her life to lead as he or she wants. The freedom of religion. Freedom of sexual preference. Freedom of choice of profession. The state must that individual rights guarantee. There is a solidariteitssysteem necessary so that everyone has a minimum standard of living enjoy. Furthermore, the state must be ” as little as possible to intervene, but as often as necessary. Economically, believes Volts in a free, open market. With the fixes. And with a great sense of innovation.

The goal? Maximum, sustainable prosperity. No prejudice more and social barriers that historical minorities or people from disadvantaged regions at a disadvantage. And a greater European integration.

Volt knows his enemies: all of the populist parties that have nothing would rather have than that the European countries must focus on themselves. V rejects the simplistic answers of the parties on difficult questions around security, identity and solidarity.

The party says Venzon in NRC Next: “Some compare us with And the Marche, of Emmanuel Macron. Perhaps Macron what is right for us. We want to do what works best for you. As Estonia’s best e-government and Sweden has the best education system, why would others than to reinvent the wheel?’

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