‘Walking Dead’actress Lauren Cohan gets starring role in new series

2809c78a723a392c89d7e2b9446213ff - 'Walking Dead'actress Lauren Cohan gets starring role in new series

Actress Lauren Cohan, known as Maggie from the horror series ‘The Walking Dead’, will be starring in a new action series from ABC. Going the only have to a pilot episode. Continues the series yet walk, it is Cohans future in ‘The Walking Dead’ is uncertain. That knew entertainmentmagazine Variety yesterday to confirm.

Cohan has the leading role recognized in the pilot of the ABC-actiedrama ‘Whiskey Cavalier’, so sign Variety.

The actress has still not signed a contract to return in the next (ninth) season of ‘The Walking Dead’ and negotiates with AMC about her potential return to the popular zombieserie. Cohan has been making since the second season, a part of the fixed cast.

The actress turns out, however, well positioned in the market are in tv-land and do not have to worry about job security in the near future. Not further specified sources reported to Variety that the actress is already multiple offers for lead roles on bag. As the ‘Whisky Cavalier’ proceed, it is possible that Cohan but sporadic returns to ‘The Walking Dead’ or the show just completely leave.

‘Whiskey Cavalier” is described as a actiedrama that follows the adventures of the tough but tender FBI superagent Will Chase (Scott Foley). He is dedicated to working with “badass-CIA-agent” Francesca Trowbridge, called “Frankie”. That last role is played by Cohan.

When the pilot comes on the screen, is still not known.

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