Venezolaan is 11 kilos, hunger strikes

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CARACAS – The Venezolaan is in 2017 an average of 11 pounds and 90 percent of the population of 30 million people now living in poverty. That has the latest study on the impact of the dramatic economic crisis and the food shortages shown.

Teams of three universities conduct an annual examination of the physical consequences of the abuses in the oil-rich South American country. They found that, in 2016, an average weight loss of 8 pounds. The situation is last year, worsened by the constant policy of the communist government-Maduro.

Income drastically fell, prices rose

This time did 6168 Venezuelans from 20 to 65 years across the country participated in the survey. Their income has fallen drastically, the prices have risen enormously. Almost no one eats healthy and gets enough vitamins and protein inside.

The government publishes since the first half of 2015, no more data about public health. At the time it was 33 percent of the Venezuelans are poor. Views on improvement is not there. On april 22nd, there are elections. President Nicolás Maduro is the only serious candidate. The opposition, whose leaders are stuck, have fled or are not allowed to participate, called Wednesday for a boycott.

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