Unicef sends blank e-mail message: ’No words for’

aa9ca590b98bd3a7891198c61f47e296 - Unicef sends blank e-mail message: ’No words for’

NEW YORK – relief organization Unicef has on Wednesday a nearly blank press release circulated. The children’s fund of the UN has ’no words’ for the misery that children undergo in Syria.

Geert Cappelaere, the regional director of Unicef Middle East and North Africa, set in a completely blank email: “No word can do justice to the victim children, their mothers, their fathers and their loved ones.”

Unicef declares at the bottom: “We have no more words for the suffering of children, and to our indignation to describe. Have those who suffered cause still words to these barbaric acts to justify?”

Huge lot of killing

Direct reason is the extreme violence and the enormous death rates in Eastern Ghouta, but the anger and concern about the situation in the whole of Syria, says a spokesman of the Dutch branch of Unicef.

The continued shelling and bombing by government forces of the Syrian rebellenenclave Eastern Ghouta have since the weekend been for hundreds of human lives. Thousands of families are in danger, warn many aid agencies and the United Nations.

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