Tusk sees support for smaller EU-parliament

1268e8c8581ec66468e752e04d70afe3 - Tusk sees support for smaller EU-parliament

BRUSSELS – There seems to be a “broad support” to the European leaders for the plan to the number of seats in the European Parliament in 2019, decrease from 751 to 705. That writes to EU president Donald Tusk, in his letter of invitation to the leaders for an informal EU summit Friday in Brussels. The Pool traveled the past few weeks along the capitals to the opinions of the leaders on this subject to gauge.

The composition of the EU parliament comes Friday to the order in connection with the departure of the British from the EU in march next year, shortly before the European elections. Therefore, the 73 British seats free. The parliament has proposed, not all of these seats to be deleted but there 46 to ’save’ for future EU-member states. The rest is distributed across countries which, due to their population share entitled to more delegates.

The netherlands there would be three seats in get and 29. Prime minister Mark Rutte is designed to ensure that all of the 73 British seats removed.

The British prime minister Theresa May is not invited to the summit.

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