Turkey “neutralizes” 1780 YPG-fighters

6865e8dd93aa7812521ee9cf81c70ae6 - Turkey "neutralizes" 1780 YPG-fighters

ANKARA – Turkey has with his operation olive branch in the northwest of Syria up to now 1780 fighters of the Kurdish YPG “neutralized.” This is reported by the Turkish general staff.

According to Turkish media, this means that the YPG militias surrendered or were killed. The Turkish armed forces started on January 20, together with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) the offensive in the region Afrin.

Ankara wants to prevent the Kurds in the enclave of Afrin along the Turkish border, a connection with the much larger Kurdish area to the east thereof. Turkey sees the YPG as an extension of the PKK, the outlawed Kurdish organization, which by Ankara as terreurbeweging is seen.

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