Trump wants weapons act (a bit) verstrengen by “bump stocks” to prohibit

7e36a8364037dda77a9c96a94225a5b9 - Trump wants weapons act (a bit) verstrengen by "bump stocks" to prohibit

American president Donald Trump has the ministry of Justice commissioned the so-called “bump stocks” to prohibit. That attachments for a semi-automatic rifle fully automatic to fire.

Regulation applies to all such objects, said Trump in the White House Tuesday. The perpetrator of the attack of October 2017 in Las Vegas, where 58 people dead, used a bump stock.

The ministry of Justice has in the past said that a ban on such attachments strongly recommend, but do not themselves can decide. That is the legislator, she said. The Congress in the US discussed briefly the ban on bump stocks after the massacre in Las Vegas. Then it fell into oblivion and nothing happened.


The arms legislation in the US is again a point of discussion since on February 14, a nineteen-year-old in his ex-school in Parkland, in the state of Florida, seventeen people killed. So find Wednesday in Tallahassee, the capital of Florida, a demonstration place where students of the affected school to attend, to stricter arms export control requirements.

Offender Nikolas Cruz opened in Parkland fire with a semi-automatic weapon, an AR-15, without a bump stock.

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