Trump wants to ban controversial ‘bump stock’ on weapons

f78dadd7f4065322c4970496a42ce25f - Trump wants to ban controversial 'bump stock' on weapons

WASHINGTON – Us president Donald Trump wants off of the tools that semi-automatic weapons actually change in automatic firearms. He leaves to draw up a law to such wapenaccessoires to prohibit.

Stephen Paddock had several rifles with ‘bump stock’.

Trump gave the minister of Justice command with a proposal to come to all devices to prohibit that legal weapons can be used as machine guns”. The use of such tools is controversial. Stephen Paddock, who, from his hotel room to be a bloodbath havoc on a music festival in Las Vegas, had several guns with such a ‘bump stock’.

The president is due to the bloody school shooting in Parkland under pressure to the vuurwapengeweld in his country to reduce. The spokeswoman of the White House was not that more measures will follow. She said, for example, that ,,is not yet decided” whether there is an age limit should be set for people that semi-automatic firearms they want to buy.

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