To this bizarre reason stops magician

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London – A British magician is a very special reason stopped work its magic.

No rabbit out of the hat for magician Ian

The 47-year-old Ian Wragg had terrible suffers from itchy red and watering eyes, and thought he was allergic to grass.

But an allergy test showed that he was no longer at the rabbit that he was at the height of parties out of the hat magic.


Medicine did not, and when he finally even breathing problems got, had Ian it quits come up with a throw.

Just another rabbit, it was there also. Training takes too much time.

Are showkonijnen Bess and Tibbles do not need to fear for the fry pan. Ian found a nice opvangadres for them.

In The Northern Echo, he tells us that he’s still got some tricks for adults want to do.

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