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There is Eddy Wauters is back: ex-president tries to Antwerp again, to tackle

4aa230bae044dc2d06894c39d1963fe7 - There is Eddy Wauters is back: ex-president tries to Antwerp again, to tackle

Eddy Wauters(84) has a registered letter sent to the Belgian football association. In that letter he states the license of Antwerp in question. The ex-chairman of red and white, tried a year ago with the exact same arguments, also the license of Antwerp. When this is not successful, both the man as the sporttribunaal BASS sent him when walking.

The football association confirmed to The News that she is the registered letter of Wauters have received. Wauters argues with that letter, the license of his ex-club in question. He says that the football association “has its own statute raped by Antwerp to grant a license to and that the club, meanwhile, is in first class playing soccer on the basis of a licence which they should never have been given”. The man and the BASS gave Wauters last year already wrong. It is so, but the question of whether his letter this time will have an impact.

When Antwerp in 2016, sa in place of a non-profit organization, started the whole thing. That vzw had a debt with Wauters of close to five million euros. Different judges, essentially, that money Wauters and it is also effective on an account. Can only Wauters, not money, because there is still a claim of 2.5 million of the company Goala at rest.

With Goala bought Patrick Decuyper a number of years ago, Antwerp. The lure of that 2.5 million is about money that Decuyper according to the entourage of Wauters via a construction in the United Arab Emirates wanted to arrange, but which the former president, according to that entourage did not take. The question is whether Wauters when a document of Goala has signed or not. Wauters deny that he had signed a document, others claim the opposite.

In the meantime, Paul Gheysens, the boss of Ghelamco, for the say in Antwerp. Gheysens bought Patrick Decuyper at Goala. At the beginning of June 2017 sent Wauters a mail to Paul Gheysens. In that e-mail suggested Wauters is the director of Ghelamco for to “important matters, among large people to discuss and reach a settlement”, but Paul Gheysens did not respond to that proposal. Therefore sent Wauters is now a registered letter to the football association.

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