The Girls have to fight and stop

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Barely four years after the start of the girl group, The Girls, the curtain falls for the group of Isabelle A, Anneke van Hooff and Ianthe Tavernier. We must go back to the autumn of 2013 when we for the first time The Girls heard. That group was the female counterpart of The Romeo’s. Isabelle A, Anneke van Hooff and Evi Goffin were the first trio that The Girls formed.

If, after a year, Evi Goffin from the group because the former singer of Lasgo was pregnant. But there was suddenly Silvy De Bie, who, together with Isabelle A and Anneke van Hooff for ambiance made on the Flemish stages. But Silvy remained not long, and there was suddenly Esther Sels that we know of Idol. But – you can guess – also Esther did not stay long with The Girls because she is her own thing, wanted to do. Anneke and Isabelle had their eye drop on Ianthe Tavernier that Floor plays in The Buurtpolitie. And this composition is also the last because at the beginning of this month have The Girls do their final gig. The last weeks we got several times the rumor hear that there is adultery within the group. “That’s not true,” says Isabelle A Wednesday, in The Latest News. “Those stories are already long the round, but then there should be someone within the group that rondbazuint. Sorry, I will not say too much about it.”

The curtain falls on The Girls but She A says that she may still continue to sing with Ianthe Tavernier. A duet on her album this summer comes maybe? Isabelle works hard at a solution for event organizers The Girls for a gig booked. “That we will find. In an other occupation? You can do that. We are not yet out. What is fixed is that it is no longer under the name of ‘The Girls’ will be,” says Isabelle A Wednesday, in The Latest News.

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