Temptation-Joshua: “Sex with Megan was a stupid move’

9786f0c7566840cf329c1216a8e48f0b - Temptation-Joshua: "Sex with Megan was a stupid move’

Even if it is his role to seduce, his lovemaking session with Megan, the friend of the adulterer, Kevin, was not the intention, he says in the Belgian magazine TV Familie.

His intentions were good, he explains. He had Megan especially like to make clear how a relationship should be. And then ran it out of d ehand. He blames it on the alcohol and puts the responsibility for Megan. “They had that night, quite drunk, making them the border castle. At one point she kissed me. And yes, when it is out of hand.”

Incidentally vindicated Megan already regret the adventure. “That sex was not needed, and that was perhaps not the good way, but at that moment it seemed just fine.” Should also be mentioned that shortly before that, of course, just the pictures had seen of her friend Kevin, who is pretty close with his temptress, and in the meanwhile its also matter for ’koekeroend’, just stupid. It is, therefore, not to Kevin, Megan sorry. “But sorry to myself that I have so little respect have shown to myself in front of the camera.”

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