Stan Van Samang: Barbara and I are stikkapot

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This Friday starts the new season of Belgium’s Got Talent, and we are, therefore, also Stan Van Samang back on television to see. The actor and singer will experience difficult times because last summer was the first time he has daddy and that leaves its traces. The recordings of the auditions in Belgium’s Got Talent, found traditionally in the summer and that is when this edition is no different. So don’t be alarmed if you Friday people in the audience in summer clothes on the screen to appear. And fear not if you are Stan Van Samang with small eyes see because there is a good reason for that. During the recordings of the auditions for Belgium’s Got Talent, Stan was still just dad. “Therefore, I ate sometimes with a sore head in my jurystoel,” says Stan this week in Tv Familie. Papa, it does something to a man and if the baby in question also suffers from reflux and often during the night making noise, then it works on the system of the parents. Especially the nights are hard for Stan Van Samang and his wife Barbara. Already told Stan that he suffers from sleepless night and the improve is there but not on. Still sleeping Barbara and Stan with the frequency of the clock separately to the other partner a good night’s sleep sometimes. “Every night waiting for your child is a sacrifice. But also evident. If we see that Lenny is in pain, we jump for him,” says Stan in Tv Family. Lenny is, of course, still young but his reflux problem weighs on the family Of Samang. Stan and his girlfriend Barbara to do a great many sacrifices. Everything must give way to their son Lenny can see they really love. “Our Lenny has made me especially vulnerable. All the fatigue also play a role. What I see that cute little guy happy! He now starts all around to discover, fantastic to see.”

Despite the problems with Lenny know Stan Van Samang the courage to keep the good mood to keep. “Actually, I am rarely or never slechtgehumeurd. But the fatigue weighs on the long run, that’s a fact. That is now already seven months. To be honest: Barbara and I are stikkapot.” Although there are solutions and people spontaneously their help to offer, like Barbara and Stan there day and night for Lenny. A nanny is an option but they would prefer for their son. The love for Lenny is so big that Stan and Barbara would have preferred him to see beyond himself. “Everything must give way for our son. Barbara and I are going for the same goal: the welfare and happiness of our child.”

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