Stage Entertainment under attack

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Stage Entertainment under attack

Joop van den Ende and Albert Verlinde / Photo: REUTERS

The Lion King, Billy Elliot and Ciske the Rat: a random sample of the successful musicals which by the by Joop van den Ende company, founded Stage Entertainment in the Netherlands on the shelves. But the entertainment company is under attack. Less well-known actors would be “wrung out”.

That claims FNV’s Dutch artists in the AD. Only the famous actors could be paid by Stage Entertainment. “For those who have no Chantal Janzen or Pia Douwes is called, is the sappelen,” writes the newspaper.

The musicalbedrijf would be embroiled in two lawsuits with former employees. Pianist Bernard Goovaerts claims that the company – for which he is already 22 years – of his permanent musicians and that he suddenly was rejected for an audition because he was too ‘jazzy’ would play. The dismissal that Stage Entertainment then for the pianist ordered by the UWV denied.

Unpaid overtime

Producer Stage Entertainment will not substantively respond to the lawsuit. Also on another ongoing lawsuit, which the twelve dancers from the musical Billy Elliot he for “structural unpaid overtime”, the entertainment company did not respond.

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“We recognize ourselves not in the image that the Dutch artists of our sketches”, late Stage Entertainment know. The company finds it weird that “this blame for our company never on the table have come up” during talks with the trade union and trade association VVTP. On other questions about the case or about the problems with the legislation that the company in recent years has forced freelancemedewerkers in the fixed service, Internship not to go in.

Legal regulations

The Dutch artists confirms that the subject has not previously been broached. “We were approached by the pianist to assist him during the public trial,” says director Pepijn ten Kate. “But as a result of this case, we are going to ask. We now have several people who have this state of affairs Internship confirm.”

The Dutch artists has been for some time in consultation with the Stage about the conclusion of a collective labour agreement for free performing artists. “If this matter is something demonstrates, is that there is an urgent need for legal regulations in this area,” says Ten Kate.

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