Sober birthday for old ruler of Zimbabwe

ac9d5540d6f344985dd28b6ce656c311 - Sober birthday for old ruler of Zimbabwe

HARARE – The 94th anniversary of the Zimbabwean ex-ruler Robert Mugabe looks on Wednesday, comparatively, silently to pass over. The cases ex-president has, according to a source within the intelligence services as far as is known no plans to his villa in the capital, Harare, to leave.

The contrast with earlier birthdays of the Land is large: in previous years were often sumptuous feasts organized. His hand-picked a select group including, for example, elephant and buffelvlees. Also published advertisements in newspapers in which public administrations and state-owned enterprises in poverty-stricken land, their leader praised.

Ruling party ZIMBABWEAN government PF drew last year is still a lot of money for a birthday party at the city of Bulawayo. A local bakery donated when a cake of 96 kilos. The same ruling party had let Mugabe later in the year as a brick falling. The president stepped under a lot of pressure on after the army had intervened. Then took up his former second man Emmerson Mnangagwa the helm.

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