Series Year’s most streamed NPO program

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The youth series, the Curriculum is for the third year in a row, the most-streamed NPO program. The curriculum in these three years an enormous growth in the number of streamstarts made of 9 million in 2015 to eur 18.1 million in 2017.

Also on YouTube knows the youth series, the necessary successes. Here the series last week, the milestone of 100,000 subscribers are able to obtain. In addition, Freshman on Instagram, with over 223.000 followers at number 1 in the list of Dutch brands in the category of media, according to the annual Brand Engagement Index, which on Wednesday is presented.

In twelfth grade is a fixed group of first graders followed during the first year of high school. The touching, funny, poignant or exciting schoolverhalen be on a realistic and direct way in the picture. Freshman is the first scripted-reality youth series in the Netherlands, a genre in which realistic events are re-enacted by actors and the situations each time a comment.

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