Samuel L. Jackson supports the NRA video is Well

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The item of Sunday with a Well which is out at the powerful American wapenlobbyclub NRA is again in the spotlight after the shooting at a school in Florida, where seventeen people were killed.

Among others, actor Samuel L. Jackson posted on Twitter a link to the item. In two days ‘ time, the film more than a half million times viewed. According to producer Human Factor, this is very much an ’old’ item. When the satirical movie in October 2017, was broadcast, watched it in a week’s time 2 million people.

The movie is about the huge number of deaths in the United States as a result of the shootings, as if it were a humanitarian disaster as a result of a disease. “And 24,000 wounded, 11,000 is dead this year alone. Dying every day forty Americans by a terrible epidemic: Nonsensical Rifle Addiction.”

The ’disease’ ensures that people suddenly other people are going to shoot. “There is still no scientific explanation as to why the disease is spreading within the U.S. is rapidly spreading, but not the ocean or the Canadian border crossing,” says an ominous voice-over.


The massacre at Parkland was the most deadly highschoolshooting in recent American history. Especially by a speech of one of the students is the discussion flared up about the power of the gun lobby and the lack of laws to allow the sale of weapons such as the AR-15, that at almost all of the shootings is being used, to limit. On 23 march in Washington, a large mars. Various celebrities as Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Steven Spielberg, and Justin Timberlake, have expressed their support and money donated to the mars.

Previously scored the VPRO-program great viralhits with a movie in which the Netherlands Donald Trump was explained, and a fake spin-off of hbo’s hit series Game of Thrones.

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