Ruben Hein: realize more often how lucky we are

229c078029ce46fd71cf3fcb885c2c1b - Ruben Hein: realize more often how lucky we are

Wie Is De Mol-participant Ruben Hein will find that we often need to realize how lucky we in the Netherlands actually are. That’s what he said Wednesday in an interview on NPO Radio 2.

“I think every songwriter is very aware of the current times,” he said. “I often think: come on guys, keep an eye on, we should all do in this world. But at the same time with us here also very very good. We have damn much luck, without that we really are in the holes.”

Itself is All there is to say too little in silence. “Of course, there are plenty of things in this country which still needs to be worked on,” he says. “Not everyone has it easy. But nobody has really somewhere to worry about.”

The singer went on to very briefly Who Is The Mole, where he is currently in to see. He is one of the four last remaining candidates. “As soon as I about Who Is The Mole I have, I shoot in a defensive score”, he chuckled. “But it has also become a kind of sport we have to lie. And it is not a nasty lie happy.”

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