“RIP Sylvester Stallone”: second hoax in a year and a half time

af6498f86e4c136ba5e7c72e544e8be8 - "RIP Sylvester Stallone": second hoax in a year and a half time

Actor Sylvester Stallone has to re-confirm that he is indeed “alive and well”, after he for the second time, the victim of a hoax on the internet. It reports Sky News.

Earlier this week, did on the internet rumors that the hollywood actor had died. Social media users shared more images with the text: “Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone – RIP – (1946-2018)”. It is already the second time in 18 months ‘ time, that Stallone was the target of a so-called ‘death hoax’.

In a message on Instagram asked Stallone to his fans, yesterday assured that he is still “alive and well and happy and healthy” was. “Ignore this stommigheid”, he added, to eventually exit with a oneliner in true action movie style: “Still punching!”. His younger brother, Frank, branded the aanstokers of the hoax in the meantime, as “sick people”.

According to the fake death was the ‘Rocky’actor died after a “secret” fight against prostate cancer, with photos of a balding, unhealthy-looking Stallone were posted. Brother Frank has since then, however, confirmed that the photos Stallone in makeup to show on the set of his film ‘Creed’.

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